You will find here several answers to your questions.

  1. What’s cover by Griffesanté ?
    • Our plans cover the expenses of veterinary care in case of an accident or a disease*
  2. What is the co-insurance ?
    • The percentage of the fees for each claim which you must pay before applying any deductible* described in this insurance document
  3. Do I have a deductibleto pay ?
    • Yes you do, It is the amount that you must pay after application of the co-insurance, example :
      • Vetenarian fees : 2000$
      • Co-insurance (20% of 2000$) : -400$
      • Deductible (200$) : -200$
      • Amount paid : 1400$
  4. How do I have claim my veterinary expenses ?
    • During a visit, you will have to pay the invoice. Then,  a form, available on our web site, must be completed by the veterinarian. Afterward, you will have to send us the form, accompanied with the invoice, to get a refund.
  5. What is the effective date of my policy ?
    • The anniversary of your policy is one year later, on the day that  your contract was put in force.
  6. Am I going to receive a renewal every year ?
    • No document will be emitted. On the other hand, your contract will be renew every year, and as long as the monthly payment will be paid by you.
  7. I used all my calls to the 800 line, what happens ?
    • At the 4th call, you will be advised to contact your veterinarian. Impossible to get additional calls.
  8. What happens if I want to cancel my contract ?
    • Upon receipt of your signature, we will simply stop the withdrawals made in your bank account. NO REFUNDS will be made.

* Certain conditions and limitations apply.